You are currently viewing [News] Doctor Heals Launches Arts-infused Medical Wellness Travel Experience with its Bespoke VIP Wellness Programme
[News] Doctor Heals Launches Arts-infused Medical Wellness Travel Experience with its Bespoke VIP Wellness Programme

Singapore, December 12 2023 – Doctor Heals announced today the launch of its Bespoke VIP Wellness Programme, specially curated for those who want to experience a unique medical wellness travel experience. Infused with the golden touch of Northern Thailand’s Lanna arts and cultural legacy, the new Bespoke VIP Wellness Programme presents a one-of-its-kind wellness travel programme for those seeking to enrich themselves with Northern Thailand’s breathtaking beauty and heritage.

In addition to the current wellness packages Doctor Heals presents, the Bespoke VIP Programme features exclusive Thai massage classes by the prestigious ITM (International Training Massage) School based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, which received multiple Thai King’s Royal Awards and was given the most prestigious Lifetime Hall of Fame Gold Plaque Award for achieving consistently high standards. It is also an accredited training school by the Ministry of Education Thailand, the Ministry of Public Health Thailand, and multiple international professional associations in the USA, Canada, Australia, and the Netherlands.

Besides the opportunity to learn traditional Thai massage skills in their medical wellness retreats, participants can also look forward to visiting eminent master artists at their personal art studios for a private workshop and a personalised, by invitation-only tour. As of launch, the programme offers the Lanna Lai Kham Art Workshop run by Associate Professor Lipikorn Makaew, who is a renowned teacher from the Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture, Rajamangala University of Technology in Chiang Mai, and Woodcut and Printing Workshop run by master artist Srijai Kuntawang, previously Assistant Professor from Graphic Arts Division in Rajamangala Institute of Technology in Chiang Mai.

Doctor Heals was set up to improve our health and recovery in a holistic manner, treating every patient as unique individual with their own body, mind, and spirit. We work with medical doctors trained in Western medicine, healthcare professionals in the traditional and complementary medicine fields, and wellness experts in the art of healing and spiritual guidance.

To cater to our participants’ needs, we have created specific packages that include different medical and healing programmes. These programmes may include traditional, integrative, or complementary medicine that have been used to improve overall health over thousands of years. At Doctor Heals, we encourage every participant to customise their personal wellness programme for maximum results.


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