The Harmony of Arts & Wellbeing

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Doctor Heals Bespoke VIP Wellness Programme: Northern Thailand

Indulge in a tailored VIP Wellness Programme designed for those seeking an extraordinary wellness journey that seamlessly blends the realms of artistic experience and medical well-being. We are thrilled to introduce, for our inaugural launch, the rich Lanna arts and cultural heritage of Northern Thailand.

Catered for discerning individuals, Doctor Heals’ exclusive Bespoke VIP Wellness Programme offers a highly customisable and deeply enriching wellness journey to allow participants to immerse themselves in the refined tapestry of Northern Thailand’s Lanna arts and cultural heritage.

Dive into Chiang Mai’s Ancient Heart

Chiang Mai, famous for its pristine natural attractions and the unique culture and traditions of the ancient Lanna Kingdom, is also home to many ethnic minorities for more than 700 years. The northernmost region of Thailand has a distinctive cultural identity, influenced by its historical connections with the Lanna Kingdom and its location at the crossroads of trade and cultural exchange. With an impressive number of majestic temple architecture, a unique array of rich indigenous arts from textile weaving, traditional paintings, wood carvings and murals, these artistic techniques were passed down by Lanna artists for generations.

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According to a report submitted to UNESCO: At the time of its height, Lanna civilization was represented not only by the religious arts and architecture, but also by the sophisticated system of knowledge in natural sciences and medicine, and various fields of technology, especially the metal and gold technology used for architectural adornment called “Thong Jung Go”, the textile arts and crafts of the various ethnic peoples, wood and bamboo technology, law, as well as language and literature. (Source: Thailand National Committee for World Heritage, 2015)

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Experience Doctor Heals Bespoke VIP Wellness Programme: Northern Thailand

Doctor Heals Bespoke VIP Wellness Programme: Northern Thailand collaborates with talented artists who are expert teachers who share their knowledge with selected discerning customers. You will spend your day with world-famous Thai master artists who will be sharing their home studios, life stories, and artistic skills with you.

Master Artist Srijai Kuntawang_Lanna Art
Featured Master Artist: Srijai Kuntawang (previously Assistant Professor from Graphic Arts Division in Rajamangala Institute of Technology in Chiang Mai)

In addition, you can also learn Lanna-style Thai massage to take care of yourself and your loved ones, especially if you are a caregiver to family members with chronic medical conditions. You can choose the 1-day Office Syndrome massage to relieve head-and-neck discomfort, or learn the 1-day foot reflexology massage to get happier feet.

Thai Lanna Massage

We work with the globally reputable International Training Massage (ITM) School in Chiang Mai, which had received multiple Thai King’s Royal Awards and was given the most prestigious Lifetime Hall of Fame Gold Plaque Award for achieving consistently high standards. It is also an accredited training school by the Ministry of Education Thailand, the Ministry of Public Health Thailand, and multiple international professional associations in the USA, Canada, Australia, and Netherlands.

For our Bespoke VIP Programme, we provide English-speaking driver, lunch, snacks, non-alcoholic drinks, and personalised transport. Our driver will pick you up at 9AM from your hotel and return you again at 6PM.