General Medical Services

Medical doctors trained in Western Medicine or Integrative Medicine will assess your health status and medical problems. After a detailed clinical assessment in the medical clinic, doctors will discuss your results and they may sometimes recommend you for additional treatment. If you have any concerns or questions about the additional proposed treatment, please discuss with your existing medical doctors or specialists who are looking after you in your home country.

Absolute Health Regenerative Clinic

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Founded by Dr Chatchai Sribundit, MD, these award-winning clinics with Western-trained medical doctors focus on integrative and anti-aging medicine to manage the underlying cause of medical diseases. Integrative medicine aims to improve self-healing of the body, detoxification and adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Thai Traditional and Complementary Medicine Center

Chiang Mai, Thailand

This is an official medical treatment center by Faculty of Medicine, Chiang Mai University (Thailand) that integrates Thai traditional medical practice with modern medical practice. Its treatment includes integration of Thai massage, Chinese acupressure, and traditional Chinese medicine. Techniques used include Suandok massage, Benchakesorn massage and Treesukon massage to achieve body balance and nourishment of internal organs. Traditional Chinese Medicine physicians complement the treatment programme with acupuncture, cupping, or herbal medicine.

Pakua Polyclinic in Tao Garden

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Western-trained medical doctor and Traditional Chinese physician will assess your general health and medical consultation. Based on your results, treatment options including detox therapy, weight loss or fat-burning program might be discussed.