To improve holistic healing of health problems with medical wellness


Holistic, team-based approach to care for patients with the expertise of medical, healthcare, and wellness professionals imbued with the warmth of human touch at all service points.


When I was a young surgeon, I was taught by my professors to treat medical diseases as a science, and remember to treat every patient as unique individual with their own body, mind, and spirit. They reminded me that even with the best surgical skills, we still need to let time and nature heal our patients completely.

With this ethos in mind, “Doctor Heals” was set up to improve our health and recovery in a holistic manner. We work with medical doctors trained in Western medicine, healthcare professionals in the traditional and complementary medicine fields, and wellness experts in the art of healing and spiritual guidance.

We have created specific packages for you that include different medical and healing programs. These programs may include traditional, integrative, or complementary medicine that have been used to improve overall health over thousands of years.

For a personalised VIP bespoke experience, you may add extra days to learn unique Lanna culture and art techniques at the home studios of world-famous Thai master artists, or learn special Thai Lanna massage skills from Royal Thai King’s approved award-winning international massage school to relieve back pain, neck ache or tired feet of your parents or family members.

If you have existing medical conditions or take regular medications, please ask the doctors who are treating you to check whether you are suitable for our programs.

Medical science alone cannot cure all the medical or healthcare problems. My team and I will continue to follow the teachings from my professors in order “to cure sometimes, to relieve often, to comfort always.”

May peace be with you.

Dr Chong Kian Tai
Specialist in Urology

Wellness Advisors

Dr Timothy Low Sim Ong

Dr Timothy Low is a medical doctor with more than 30 years tenure in both public and private healthcare institutions. He was the former CEO of Gleneagles Hospital (Singapore), CEO and Board Director of Farrer Park Hospital (Singapore), Head of Healthcare Investment at Pavilion Capital (Temasek Holdings, Singapore), and held senior executive roles in bio-pharmaceutical, medical device and clinical research organisations at Shire/Takeda, Covidien/Medtronic, Schering Plough/MSD, Covance,and Glaxo Wellcome (now GSK). His professional recognition includes “Best CEO of the Year in 2017”, “Most Media Savvy Personality in 2019”, “LinkedIn’s Top Motivational Speaking Voice in 2023”, Singapore’s Public Service Medal (Covid-19) PBM in 2023, and “LinkedIn’s Top Hospital Sales Voice in 2024”.

Emeritus Professor Kua Ee Heok

Professor Kua is the Emeritus Professor and senior consultant psychiatrist in the Department of Psychological Medicine at National University of Singapore. He was trained in Oxford University and Harvard University with specialty interests in geriatric psychiatry, dementia in elderly and stress management. Being a member of World Health Organisation (WHO) research team for global study of dementia, he was invited by United Nations (UN) in New York to address the world assembly on depression. His professional roles include CEO and Medical Director of Institute of Mental Health (Singapore), President of Pacific Rim College of Psychiatrist, and President of Gerontological Society (Singapore). He has written more than 400 research papers and 30 books on psychiatry, dementia, depression, and stress management.