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[News] Doctor Heals Adds Medical Wellness Package B: Inner Peace Retreat to its Wellness Programme

Singapore, July 2 2023 – Doctor Heals, a provider of medical wellness programmes, is excited to add a brand new wellness programme, Package B: Inner Peace Retreat, to its offering. This programme is designed to help individuals achieve optimal wellbeing through a combination of meditation and wellness practices. 

The Inner Peace Retreat is a comprehensive package that includes a series of personalised treatments and activities aimed at promoting physical, mental, and emotional well-being with a central focus on meditation at the retreat of your choice. Recognising that each person has different preferences, the wellness programme caters to different ways for prayers and meditation, based on traditional practices.

Doctor Heals was set up to improve our participants’ health and recovery in a holistic manner, treating every patient as an unique individual with their own body, mind, and spirit. We work with medical doctors trained in Western medicine, healthcare professionals in the traditional and complementary medicine fields, and wellness experts in the art of healing and spiritual guidance. 

To cater to our participants’ needs, we have created specific packages that include different medical and healing programmes. These programmes may include traditional, integrative, or complementary medicine that has been used to improve overall health over thousands of years. At Doctor Heals, we encourage every participant to customise their personal wellness programme for maximum results. 


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